Summer moments

Fauna & Flora

Once the snow has melted, the high valley reveals its stunning flowering mountain meadows. In fact, the Avers valley is an incredible heaven of flowers, adding an array of colors to our mountain summer.
The fauna doesn’t go unnoticed either. You’ll regularly hear the groundhogs whistling, especially when they spot an eagle flying majestically over the valley. Find out more about these cute locals on an easy and informative nature trail in the Bergalga side valley. The “murmata” as the groundhogs are called around here particularly appreciate quiet visitors.


For those aiming higher, the Avers valley has a lot on offer. The numerous mountain passes are witnesses to the long gone flourishing trade across the Alps. As the Walser people permanently colonised the Avers valley at the end of the 13th century, the well-known Walser trail leads through here, a long-distance trail linking San Bernardino to St. Antönien and eventually Brand in the Vorarlberg region of Austria.


The legendary Viamala gorge and its lesser-known sister, the Roffla gorge, are both worth a visit. The Roffla gorge’s past is closely linked to a particular family history.


The ascent of the old road Avers road between the Roffla gorge and Juf is truly historic. The roadworks were only completed in 1895, when every other valley in the Grisons region already had full road access. The old Avner road was refurbished and turned into a trail. This was awarded with the “Prix Rando” in 2010.


Even the sports enthusiast will find plenty to do. There’s the annual cycle hill climb from Andeer to Juf for instance. Boulderers from all around the world flock to the freeclimbing sport called “Magic Wood”. Another highlight is river rafting in the crystal-clear waters of the Hinterrhein.


We’re convinced that the Avers atmosphere alone makes you switch off and sit back. For those of you who fancy relaxing and being spoilt even more can do so in the recently refurbished spa bath at Andeer.


There are numerous events all over the Viamala holiday region where small is beautiful. Some of them happen right here at Cresta, like the “oncerts at the Edelweiss church or the so-called hexperiments. Pretty much at your doorstep.

Get out there and discover our region! We love to help you plan your stay with us.